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About the organization

Hugrún, an organization for mental health education, was established in the spring of 2016 by students in nursing, medicine and psychology at the University of Iceland. Today, many students from the University of Reykjavik and the University of Akureyri also participate in the activities of the organization The aim of the organization is to educate young people about mental health, mental disorders and recourses as well as to increase social awareness.

Hugrún's biggest task each year is to travel around the country and give mental health psychology lectures at high schools free of charge.

In addition, the organization has held annual educational evenings at the University of Iceland, organized a writing campaign on the occasion of the international mental health day, given talks on mental health to youth centers, parent councils and student associations . In 2018, Hugrún published a web magazine in conjunction with the Huguð campaign, which is intended to promote open discussion about mental disorders and is accessible through the website. Hugrún tries to reach out to young people in various ways and maintains the Instagram page @gedfraedsla where the organization posts good tips for improved mental health.

Each year, university students are offered the opportunity to work as educators on behalf of Hugrún. They must meet certain criteria and complete training before they can give mental health lectures. Hugrún's educators are volunteering and travelling all over the country to high schools to educate young people about mental health, mental disorders and the recourses available.

The organization’s activities are maintained by interested university students who are passionate about improving awareness of mental health, eliminating prejudice and empowering young people. The organization is run on grants, voluntary donations and fundraising, and all proceeds go to educating young people on mental health.

The website was opened in autumn 2016 and is constantly updated. Its goal is to make educational material on mental health and mental disorders accessible in plain language.

Members of Hugrún have a common interest in educating young people about the importance of mental health.


It is easy to book a lecture on mental health and mental disorders from Hugrún's lecturers. You need to send an email to hugrunhugur@gmail.com or contact us by way of Hugrún's Facebook page.

Hugrún provides education for young people and the lecture is made for first year students in upper secondary schools. We have also undertaken training in community centres. The education addresses mental health, mental disorders and resources. If there are special requests, please state them.

Everyone involved in Hugrún's activities are volunteers and the education is free.

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