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General anxiety disorder

General anxiety disorder consists of large and repeated various concerns and of concerns of various things. Concerns are negative thoughts that often revolve around the fact that something bad will happen to oneself or close relatives. They can be related to anything like work or school performance, the future, money issues, personal health or the health of others. It is difficult or impossible for a person with a general anxiety disorder to shake off their worries and divert their mind to other things. Often, the worries become more and more exaggerated as they last longer, like a constantly growing snowball rolling down a hill.

People with a general anxiety disorder often experience restlessness and extreme fatigue, as it is difficult for the body to be in chronic anxiety. Muscle tension is very common among people with general anxiety disorder and they often see a doctor for bad muscle inflammation but not for the anxiety itself. Other common symptoms include difficulty concentrating, irritability and dyssomnia. Individuals with general anxiety disorder often find it difficult to fall asleep, often because worries pop up in their mind when they have settled in bed and have time to think.

There is a great deal of uncertainty that comes with in being alive, the uncertainty is in fact inevitable. We can never know for sure what will happen tomorrow, how others will behave or what the future holds. Individuals with general anxiety disorder are believed to have difficulty coping with uncertainty. As a result, they often try to organise just about anything that can be organised and repeatedly check if everything is exactly as it should be. Concerns add to the uncertainty, and the uncertainty adds concerns, creating a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of. When people experience great and onerous concerns, it is important to seek professional help.