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Resources in Iceland

SÁÁ outpatient department

The good news is that an effective treatment exists. Most people who seek help and face the problem get a successful result. The treatment can vary greatly, ranging from one interview to an extensive treatment that lasts for weeks, months or years. The correct path for the individual depends on the severity of the problem. If you think you or someone you care about needs help with alcohol or drug problems, you can contact the SÁÁ outpatient department and schedule an interview or contact them by telephone on 530-7600 (see www.saa.is).

Addiction psychiatric ward of the national hospital

The addiction psychiatric ward emphasises on assisting individuals with severe addiction and mental health problems (dual diagnosis). A broad group of professionals works together to identify the biological, psychological and social factors that promote or maintain both diseases. The treatment approach is diversified and depends on the needs and capabilities of each individual. Requests for psychiatric services must be received by a referral from a professional or by sending a request for treatment by mail.

A more detailed list of resources in Iceland can be found here.

Text compiled by Dr Ingunn Hansdóttir, chief psychologist at SÁÁ