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How does addiction manifest itself?

Addiction illness is characterised by:

  • Lack of control i.e. more use of the drug or used longer than intended, repeated attempts to reduce or control consumption without success and a lot of time spent on consumption (getting a hold of alcohol/substances, using alcohol/substances or recovering after consumption) and an inability to maintain persistent sobriety
  • Addiction/strong desire
  • Serious consequences where the consumption causes impaired ability to perform duties, persistent communication problems, reduced social communication and practice of hobbies as well as continued consumption despite causing disruption to health in body and soul.
  • Difficulty in seeing significant problems in their behaviour and communications with others.

As with other chronic illnesses, there are periods of recovery and failing in addictive illnesses. Without treatment or commitment in the recovery process, the addiction is progressively worse and can lead to disability or premature death.